Aflevering 24 : Sustainable Tech and Strategic Growth: A Conversation with Technology Trading Partners

Aflevering 24 : Sustainable Tech and Strategic Growth: A Conversation with Technology Trading Partners

Welcome to to the forefront of technology with Technology Trading Partners (TTP), showcased in the latest podcast by SaaS4channel from Cloudfest in Germany. Led by Garry Anzaroot, the COO, and Vladimir Vollinsky CEO, TTP takes you on a journey through their expertise in hardware solutions, spanning procurement, sale, and services for global clients.

TTP’s core focus is on supporting customers in their transition to the cloud, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, with a facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands. With over 30 years of experience in the secondary market, TTP excels in the resale and refurbishment of hardware related to data centers, serving a diverse clientele from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Their services include data center decommissioning, logistics, and support for cloud migration.

Security is paramount at TTP, ensuring the certified data wiping process adheres to stringent standards, providing customers with a Certificate of Destruction for assurance. Regardless of the equipment’s origin, TTP remains equipment-agnostic, collaborating with various manufacturers and streamlining the valuation process through detailed buyout forms or on-site surveys.

Delve into the nuances of the secondary market with TTP’s “secret sauce”—monitoring trends, understanding supply chain constraints, and adapting to the evolving landscape. Discover the growing acceptance of refurbished equipment, bridging the gap between financial constraints and high-quality solutions, with TTP leading the way in collaboration with forward-thinking OEMs.

Explore TTP’s commitment to quality, security, and global adaptability in buying and selling equipment. Learn about their meticulous testing processes, environmental sustainability initiatives, and strategic expansion plans in the US and EU over the next one or two years. TTP’s growth strategy includes tripling their workforce and doubling locations, underlining their dedication to customer support.

Listen to this interesting podcast and how the IT world can get more sustainable.

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